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System's Growth is Infinity with Employees 'Enjoyment!'

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Mr. Tomoyuki Sekiguchi, Work Happiness, Inc.
Mr. Tomoyuki Sekiguchi,
Work Happiness, Inc.

Work Happiness Inc. – The Consulting firm for the organizational reform with its slogan to brimful teams in the world with "Work Happiness" by providing unique training style and shine each 'individual's strength'. They were awarded with 'honorable award' by 'The 2nd Japan Human Resources Challenge Cup' which awards the excellent establishments in human resources area in 2013. It's unique seminar style 'Theater Seminar (Wakuwaku-Bokenjima, PandA etc.)' that includes animation and games attracts many industries.

We have interviewed Mr. Tomoyuki Sekiguchi, Work Happiness, Inc. on progress of consideration to introduction of OPROARTS to their system which had shown tremendous growth on business effectiveness.

More simple and easier

In our company, we had previously different systems of sales process - from customer approach, opportunity, orders, and invoice to delivery. Obviously it is not effective and we were aware to solve this issue as soon as possible. It was not, however easy to find suitable system as we expected. We reviewed and tried information management systems, even we had failed with systems we thought it would achieve what we required. The system had various functions but it was in fact to complex. The looking was also not user friendly and employees could not get used to it. During our search, we came to know Cybozu kintone which is very user friendly by look itself, and customizability with selecting fields only. We found the light. It has given us to allow bulk management of most important information. The only remained task was business document generation such as quote and invoice. While we were looking for suitable product to unify the system, we met with OPROARTS at last which is specialized for business document and can be integrated with kintone.

Minimum cost, achieve ideal result in no time!

Minimum cost, achieve ideal result in no time!

It was instant decision. First of all, customizability while operating the system was very attractive. Packaged program is often once installed, you cannot customize, or even it is possible, usually it is costly. OPROARTS provides perfect follow, which means, even the request from work place, it is reflected in few minutes to few hours. Secondly, we can select the needful functions only. This option gives us to minimize unnecessary functions and we had reduced the introduction cost from 1/5 to 1/10. And mostly, how convenient on our future expansion is exciting.

Timely information opens the path

The effectiveness we got by introducing OPROARTS was much more than it cost. Reducing workload and time to design the document template dramatically and most importantly, the report has it rich and professional looks. Employees who were not so keen of new system, got interested and started using with own. Even they are giving us good feed back and requests of changes for better result. We are continuously improving our system together with employee's voices and we hope to improve the system further by sharing information with external personal such as our instructor and partners.

Major Effectiveness

  • Reduce introduction cost dramatically
  • Unify core system and improve versatility
  • Grant possibility of designing of business document freely
  • Reflect request and requirement on the spot




* Please be noted that customer information stated here is as it is at the time of publication

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