Mitzba Denyosha - Case Study

Collection of information improves the tractability!
Better quality and better product – for the customers

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Mr. Yow Ozaki, President
Mr. Yow Ozaki,

'All the information is at the production site' say Mr. Yow Ozaki, President of Mitzba Denyosha – leading wedding company in Japan. Always search and learn new techniques and provide the best infrastructure. Customer's orders are mostly custom made by using available over 3,000 pieces of parts and create exclusive welding machine. However, they were facing the difficulties of product management due to its complex products, and they have finally met Salesforce and OPROARTS.

We have interviewed Mr. Yow Ozaki, President of Mitzba Denyosha on the consideration of OPROARTS to introduction.


Customers want quality and information

We were like creating the welding robot according to customer's need. However, we had noticed that customer was not looking for only quality, but also wanted to get the history of what parts were used how and what trouble, maintenance, tuning have been done. By providing those histories besides high quality, we meet with customer's satisfaction. This is what we noticed at early stage behinds our competitors and traceability was the key.

Collect spread information in the company

First of all, we collect all the information and save in Salesforce. This flow made us to think that we want to make better and easy quote. We reviewed QB option of OPRO Japan, other products or to develop by ourselves. Finally we came to conclusion that OPROARTS was most cost effective and with their professional know-how, we could have just outsourced all the difficult tasks.

OPROARTS Selection Points

Business decision based on information management

Currently we are developing other issues with OPRO. They are truly professional and give us advices on what we did not realize. Once we complete this system, I am certain that we can achieve more reduction of workload and cost. And surely this will reflect to satisfy our customers.

Major Effectiveness

  • Improve traceability
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Reduce employee's workload
  • Right decision by collecting information


  • OPROARTS Prime
  • QB Option


* Please be noted that customer information stated here is as it is at the time of publication

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