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Achieve a total system despite of division and cloud wall!

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NEXA Co.,Ltd. who had collected and empowered the Kawaijuku Educational Institution’s simulation test know-how, Pasona Inc’s outsourcing network, and Japan Information Processing Service Co., Ltd’s data process total power. NEXA Co.,Ltd. is the only examination control company in Japan who coordinate in total such as examination executed anywhere in Japan, planning, create examination, marking, site arrangement etc for student and adult. We have interviewed the person in charge who was achieved the central control.


Aim boulder examination control with IT power!

Our company used to different division had developed own DB and operated and tried for performance effectiveness. In this method, to expand business and next mission is required. It means to leave from asking other department and create a total system with high operation. Means with IT power, share, collect, knowledge the national processing team and achieve as a total all departments as one to process examination.

However, depending of the examination process specialty, it is not easy t0 connect different cloud platforms. Control totally the public cloud service which different division was using or the core system which customer is using, and make report to be generated anytime. To achieve this complex as well as large task were proposed by OPRO for a solution.

Select file type depend on purpose/status


Dynamic OPRO product for small detailed needs

What OPRO had proposed was the system to use functions of different cloud functions simultaneously. Back office operation processes which are not complicate and simple function such as input and aggregation uses public cloud which is lower in cost. High system development requires for complex process area, we constructed system in the private cloud. And in addition, we had connected OPROARTS which is the must for report generation and we have finally achieved the total system.

For the display and deliverable document, use PDF format which has nice visible and report that is used for communication with student at the site is used Excel for easy edition. Besides we can select the output format, we can also use Excel which we are so used to it, therefore not only less development time but it was easy transfer. In addition speedy support of OPRO’s SE had given us detailed advices which we think it contributed for the easy to use system.

Prepare to answer to customer’s needs 100%

With OPRO’s cooperation, we got a big weapon. The system provides the required information immediately, not only effectiveness of examination operations but we are ready to serve customer’s needs 100%.

Major Effectiveness

  • Cost performance by using maximizing the existing environment and using format (Excel file)
  • Product power and possibility which achieves system revolution
  • Support service who understand own business above expecion



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