Shanon,Inc. - Case Study

Shanon,Inc. implemented OPROARTS to operate Sales Management System in Salesforce CRM, strengthen internalcontrol, and improve efficiency of sales related affairs.

Shanon provides a Marketing Platform which controls and manages a unified marketing operation platform as cloud. Shanon has its own service, and Salesforce CRM marketing and sales process control. In concurrence with expansion of its business and unification of internal control, applying OPROARTS, Shanon has achieved great success in functions such as implementing 'quotation generation', 'work flow' and 'invoice issuance' to Salesforce CRM, also monitoring system of marketing, sales process and sales related work. As a result, enabling to screen sales process closely and effectively in sales related work and internal control that have shown a significant improvement.



We have interviewed Mr. Hidemichi Sugihara of Consulting Team, Marketing Solution Department and Ms. Hiromi Kohmatsu of Financial Affairs & Business Control Office, Business Management Department on each phase about decision making of selecting service in each phase and improvement.


Enhances sales related work significantly with OPROARTS and Sales Management system.

  • Consideration Phase
    Since our company was established, we have been providing seminar management service by cloud to our customers. As our customers increase, employees increased as well and we started to face difficulty to quotation system done by Excel and also complexity of work flow. Keeping that in mind, we were dispread for a system which will ease our tasks and help internal control system. We could integrate quotation generation and work flow on Salesforce CRM, however, unfortunately Salesforce CRM does not provide Invoice/Quotation output the way we require. We knew about OPROARTS for, and considered as a solution for our day to day base difficulties.

  • Common pattern of development scene...

  • Deployment phase
    The best part was since all the services could achieved as cloud, there was no initial investment involved. And no 'report development fee' is well appreciated. As a practice, development of business document often require changes while or after development and there could be additional work with additional fees. However, OPROARTS accepts any change until the system is set for actual performance and we were surprised with speedy support. Amazingly, the cost involved to us was only initial fees. Any changes requires after introduction of the system will be chargeable, therefore if there is system that user can edit by themselves will be an additional perk.

  • Introduction Phase
    As a new system, we could construct and introduce it in a short period. Since we had hearings and accommodated requirements, we did not face to any problems or delay for release. Our company provides cloud service, and we as a customer of cloud service, we are pleased with OPRO's service. This satisfaction could not have achieved in system construction in early days but only with cloud we assume.

  • Future Improvement
    Since OPROARTS provide various types of delivery methods such as fax and mail, not only internal control but by integrating our Marketing Platform, we would like to offer new services to our customers in future.

Shanon,Inc. develops and sells 'Marketing Platform' which is integrated marketing concept and technology, and make marketing activity more strategically and creatively.

Effectiveness of Service

  • Effective sales related work
  • Dramatic improvement of internal control

Compatible Products

  • OPROARTS Prime


* Please be noted that customer information stated here is as it is at the time of publication

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