PR TIMES INC. - Case Study

Reduced Cost Tremendously by OPROARTS and its Posting Service

Reduced 80% of invoice preparation workload.
We have completed the introduction of new system in 2 months, and achieved incredible flow improvement and reduced cost with OPROARTS and its Posting Service.

Ms. Kyoko Yamamura, Account Executive
Ms. Kyoko Yamamura,
Account Executive

We have interviewed Ms. Kyoko Yamamura, Account Executive of PR TIMES INC. on evaluation of service, introduction, operating phase and future improvement target.



Invoice preparation process workload had reduced 80% by introducing the system which is errorless, speedy and it dose posting as well!!

  • Evaluation Phase
    • The difficulties we had was since we were enjoying good outcome with our Outsource Press Release Delivery system (, Blog Marketing ( and WEB Clipping (, we needed to prepare at least 500 invoices a month. As a result, workload increased heavily to employees, and beginnings of each month when we issue invoices were packed with overloaded process with overtime. When during these period we came to know about OPROARTS service, and had decided to introduce to our system. Pricing was one of the attractive reasons.

  • Introduction Phase
    The best thing was it was completed in 2 months as we planned. A little difficulty we had was we took bit of time to review specification since it was my very first time to handle this kind of system.

  • Operation Phase
    We are very much satisfied with current system which reduces of 80% our previous workload and the monthly cost of US$500 only.

  • Future Improvement Target
    'Auto output of CSV total amount *1', 'Function to select output method of delivery note *2' and 'Function to confirm history *3'

    *1 and *2 are available as additional functions. (with charges) Please contact us on details of *3.


PR TIMES INC. is a group company of VECTOR group, and support PR marketing. Operates and manage Outsource Press Release Delivery system (, Blog Marketing ( and WEB Clipping (

Major Effectiveness

  • Reduced invoice preparation process 80%
  • Reduced cost dramatically


  • OPROARTS Prime


* Please be noted that customer information stated here is as it is at the time of publication

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