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Reduce workload of approval workflow by kintone x AppsWF

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Mr. Fukumitsu and Mr. Mita

Amita Holdings Co., Ltd has been contributing to make self-motivated society thru resource recycle, environmental CSR, natural industry, eco label and area produce. At the same time, aimed to make company organization, where produce employees with value simultaneously. We have interviewed the person who handled to use AppsWF system for moving to cloud from on-premise system.


AppsWF AppsWF inherited strength of intra-mart

We were working on our system to be cloud based of Cybouz’s kintone. kintone is inexpensive and good development platform matching to meet our need such as customer management and product management. There was one issue that is workflow area. With kintone standard function, company like us with many division, department, and approval flow is very complex and since we were so used to intra-mart, we were searching for the solution that can cover this area. And finally OPRO’s AppsWF was released. AppsWF is using intra-mart workflow engines, and meet with our requirement like functionality, flexibility and ease to use.


Reduce work load for approval operation

‘Do what we can’ is our basic motto and we were trying to construct internal system by ourselves. AppsWF is basically similar to intra-mart workflow, therefore complex setting was also smoothly handled and as a result we only took 1 month for transaction. Since similar system, employees managed to use with any difficulties. We also noticed high productivity. All the information required can be obtained, therefore input error and reduced time were well appreciate by employees. We, IT team gained our most important target was which was unification of internal system, and we are now achieving that. OPRO’s products are compatible with kintone and also future orientated, consequently we are looking forward to further improvement with Documentizer and D3Worker.


Solution that must have for kintone

Though it is new application and there could be requirement while operating, and each time OPRO propose the solution, from that we can see AppsWF will have evolution.


Major Effectiveness

  • Effectiveness of Approval operation
  • Secured support system
  • Unification of internal system



  • AppsWF


* Please be noted that customer information stated here is as it is at the time of publication

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