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Repeat enhancement based on the site feedback,
and create systems which matches to user’s need perfectly

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AmidA Holdings Co., Ltd provides digital marketing service with their know-how of customer collecting gained by running top class eCommerce site and experiences on sales promotion. Main business ‘’ is Japan’s biggest seals/chops online shop and its delivery is 300,000 annually, establishment, it sales are increasing. We have interviewed Mr. Ota Administration manager who achieved the wide range of EC site income.


Report system that closer to system user

Our company with over 300,000 customers. Not only the existing customers but including future customer not matter how much we receive, we are going to construct secure, safe and high quality service. It is common that introduce the system and match the operation to the system is common method. However since we seriously consider the maintain and improve of quality of service, and in order to achieve our motto ‘stay closer to customer as much as possible’, we were searching for the system construction which is closer to most customer’s usage at the site. However, to achieve this from zero, it will take huge time and cost. Our target was to get existing middleware and create the ideal systems base.

In our company, when order is placed on EC site, from EC site, it flows to manufacture division, dispatch division where picking and quality control is done, etc. and each process requires report such as order form, delivery form, cover letter. Report create tool is needed to be easy to use, flexible, and secure. The minimum requirement was flexibility to integrate with kintone which was decided to be used. In that mind, we looked for the middleware which is ‘make proto type’, ’usability at the work site’, and ‘reflect the feedback’. In this way, what actual designer user and user can feel and require will be understood in details. There were many tools available which can be integrated with kintone but considering time to start and matching to our requirement was OPROARTS.

Easy mapping by drag & drop


Streamlining mission critical process for increase service quality

When we introduced OPROARTS and felt was, it is a realistic tool to ‘make proto type’, ’usability at the work site’, and ‘reflect the feedback’. It is so easy to use with drag & drop, and did not take time to run in the core system. Feedbacks to make better usability were reflected without any difficulty.

Should be there any matters that our developer can not solve, OPRO’s support assist us. Therefore repeating ‘make proto type’, ’usability at the work site’, and ‘reflect the feedback’ is getting to complete for the system users.

It is not possible to say in a word for the merit, but is report process is not streamlining, it could have taken lots more time for dispatch. It means mission critical report related such as dispatch note reduces, then we will have more time for service. It is our rough calculation, but we think at least 70% less time and we have achieved this system.

Report became new touch point

From this experience, we felt report’s new possibility. It means that report can become customer’s touch point. For example, add advertisement space to blank space, design to be company’s image and make it as marketing tool. Furthermore, apply business communication to the report, which OPRO was aiming that with OPROARTS. We would like to pursuit the system with maximum usability.

Major Effectiveness

  • Reduce 70% to construct system
  • Increase usability to maximum
  • Improve service level



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* Please be noted that customer information stated here is as it is at the time of publication

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