With the latest technology, all our products to meet the needs of our customers have been constantly evolving. Here are the concrete case studies of our customers which we are proud to share.

OPROARTS Prime/Core OPROARTS Live QB Option Report Engine 2
Amita Holdings Co., Ltd Reduce workload of approval workflow by kintone x AppsWF Details
Qualica Co., Ltd Original Workflow Completed Considering company’s Future! Details
NTT Communications Corporation Shanon・Marketing・Platform x OPROARTS
~Event Operation Technique for the Creation of Business Opportunity~
PERSOL PROCESS & TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Unify Sales Management・Resource Management! Potential of AppsFS Details
V-cube Inc. Operation speed up and avoid errors by collaborating with Salesforce Details
AmidA Holdings Co., Ltd Repeat enhancement based on the site feedback, and create systems which matches to user’s need perfectly Details
Tsunagu Solutions Inc. Challenge on Company Evolution with D3 Worker by Connecting Cloud to Cloud Details
NEXA Co.,Ltd. Achieve a total system despite of division and cloud wall! Details
Cybertrust Japan Co., Ltd Challenge straightening Customer Relation by Microsoft Dynamics CRM x OPROARTS Details
Prime Solutions Co., Ltd OPROARTS Utilization in Law Firm
~One stop solution from process estimation control to issuance of invoice!~
SHiDAX COMMUNITY CORPORATION Protect the quality of delicious dish in nationwide chain restaurant by IT power
~Delicious recipe by OPROARTS~
CyberAgent Inc. Batch control of invoice process for group companies!
~Grow out from Excel which was must for ERP front process~
Nikkei Digital Media Inc. Anticipation to OPROARTS from other division
~Large idea was born from small modification~
ANRITSU INFIVIS CO., LTD. Hold up safety of food & drug’s by fulfilling support service ~Challenge to mobilizing support service~ Details
Digital Sphere CO,.LTD The partner, we need for customer’s business effectiveness increase income. Details
LIFULL Co., Ltd. Print request increases to 3,000 times!
Contribute to housing of your dream!
JTB Corp More than 200 bases in the world, using OPROARTS
- Systemizing business report makes customer's travel 'Perfect moment, always -
IMS Health Incorporated Support safety of pharmaceutical companies by effective reporting
Challenge the difficulties pharmaceutical companies are facing!
AEON LIFE Co., Ltd. Build new standard in the industry with IT power!
Documents and Images to OPROARTS
NIHON ESLEAD CORPORATION Target seamless and paperless information sharing and challenge to reform in house system! Details
IVY GARDEN Landscape Gardening Company with Analog System Now on Cloud! Details
WevNAL Inc. Further improvement together with Ideal System! Details
Work Happiness, Inc. System's Growth is Infinity with Employees 'Enjoyment!' Details
Mitzba Denyosha Collection of information improves the tractability!
Better quality and better product – for the customers.
Ecotec Co.,Ltd. Achieved 180% revenue increase vs previous year in newly build division.
The best product, to Suitable Customer, when Best Time, with Best Price.
J&Y Corporation Complex Invoice Process Solved at No Time. Details
Nihon Parkerizing Co.,Ltd. Convert current auto faxing to OPROARTS and reduced cost dramatically.
-Developed console tool which make conversion to inexpensive cost in short time-
Shanon,Inc. Shanon Inc. implemented OPROARTS for to operate Sales Management System in Salesforce CRM, strengthen internalcontrol, and improve efficiency of sales related affairs. Details
RICOH LEASING COMPANY, LTD. OPROARTS and Fax Service improves day to day base work. Details
Hifumi Easy to generate the document, easy to change design. That's was the reason to adopt Report Engine 2 to our system. Details
PR TIMES INC. Reduced Cost Tremendously by OPROARTS and its Posting Service. Details
Mercury Project Office, Inc. Easy to generate the document, easy to change design.
That's was the reason to adopt Report Engine 2 to our system.
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. Using OPROARTS for Core Business Document output from AS400. Details



* Please be noted that customer information stated here is as it is at the time of publication

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