Print and Posting Service

Outsourcing Print and Posting Process by Cloud

Aren't you having trouble wasting additional time on print and positing on monthly document such as issuing invoice and posting? You can achieve this with one click by OPROARTS. Similarly, 'greetings card' and 'different details of flyer/catalog' by customer can be posted.

User can select the distributing company, and by using tracking service, it allow you find out the real time status.

Print and Posting Service



  • With one click 'Print/Insert in Envelop/Posting' is completed
  • Select required envelop such as original envelop, envelop with window, post card, etc.
  • Available from little amount
  • Support customer specified invoice
  • Lowest cost (according to our research)
  • Reduce human resource cost by 80% maximum

Customer's Voice / Case Study

Reduced Cost Tremendously by OPROARTS and its Posting Service


Usage pattern

Usage Pattern Image


Print and Posting is an optional service of OPROARTS and OROARTS Connector for In addition to charges of OPROARTS and OROARTS Connector for, following fee will be charged.


Print and Posting service charge differ from paper, envelop and printing company customer select.

Price Example


  • OPROARTS Prime


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