Net Print Integration (Print at convenient store)

Cloud print in nationwide seven eleven store

This is a service to make user allowed to print business document such as 'Quotation', and 'Invoice' from Salesforce CRM/ at nationwide seven eleven store by OPROARTS. Also files like Word / Excel / PowerPoint / DocuWorks / JPEG saved in Salesforce CRM / can be printed.

By using net print effectively, work productivity and customer's satisfaction increase which brings business expansion.

Net Print Integration (Print at convenient store)



  • Print at nationwide seven eleven store
  • Cheaper and faster than motor cycle delivery
  • Print is clear than fax quality
  • No need to carry heavy document
  • Continuity of business


Usage Method

Usage Method Image

Net Print Usage

Net Print Usage

The information of customer list sent via fax was changed to net print. Process efficiency increased and reduced cost. Information to the local staff is given with enough time and now we can provide better service to customers. Save work dispatch notice in net print and inform reservation number to workers. Workers go to nearby seven eleven store directly. Communication error reduced, increase response rate and work process efficiency up. Marketing material such as flyer can be printed immediately and get information sooner is very convenient.

Net Print Usage

It is so convenient for sales person who visit customer directly from home and off for the day without going to office to receive catalog, seminar information and MR scientific information. Integrate with insurance specification creation system and allow outputting the spec from net print. With this arrange, when there are changes required to the spec, immediately apply changes and resubmit to customer.


  • OPROARTS Prime


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