How to increase sales by using Salesforce CRM

Sales do not increase…why?

Sales do not increase…why?

Aren’t you wondering why your sales revenue not increasing even though you have introduced Salesforce into your team expecting for speedy marketing decision and increasing customer satisfaction?

Certainly we can achieve speedy marketing decision and increasing customer satisfaction by visualizing customer information and opportunity status real time. That is short cut way to achieve revenue increase in today’s globalized society. However, in order to maximize the register information in Salesforce, first of all, correct information need to be entered real time.

Unfortunately, as far as sales agents are concerned, it is unpleased task to enter the information which effectiveness is not certain. As a result, they may enter rough information of opportunity or quotation total, or even enter all the information once in a week. If so, no matter how speedy and high spec analysis tool you have, no one can get necessary information analyzed fast.


Increase Sales by inputting Quotation and Invoice

There is simple solution. That is just allowing sales agents to output Quotation or Invoice from Salesforce CRM.

Why they hesitated to enter information? The reason is that the task is boring desk work which does not give any result for their sales result. What about if it does?

Sales agents enjoy preparing quotation and submit to customer as this can bring their sales result. Without submitting quotation or proposal, they may not sell anything. Thus, if they can create quotation or proposal using Salesforce data easily, they will naturally enter the information.


Usage Scene

Practical use by using correct information

Further, since this information is going to submit to customer, they will not enter rough or incorrect information. Moreover, as they can output invoice, Admin department will monitor and the information have to be correctly registered in Salesforce.

With correct data in Salesforce, your analysis with Salesforce report and dashboard function will be easy.

Let’s achieve revenue increase by outputting quotation and invoice from Salesforce.

In addition, since it is going to submitted to customer, figures will not be incorrect. Also since Invoice is going to be created, relative department will check the details and as a result further correct information will be entered.

It is easy to analyze the using Salesforce report function and dashboard as far as proper information revenue is entered in.

If there are correct figures, it Is easy to analyze using Salesforce CRM dashboard and report function. Let's increase revenue by outputting Quotation and Invoice.




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