Report Engine 2

What is Report Engine 2?

Report Engine 2 is a Salesforce native application which creates and output report document using Visualforce function. Further, without Visualforce page and Apex code knowledge, input form can be created easily. We provide Report Engine 2 for the customer who contracted OPROARTS Connector for

  • Output report easily
  • No limit of output document
  • Create input form effortlessly


Output report easily

Designing report template, data mapping and PDF report output can be done all on the Web browser. Since drag and drop operation only needed to output PDF report, difficult programming is unnecessary. More ever, as a standard service, Report Engine 2 provides Quotation, Invoice and Delivery note templates, what you have to do is data mapping with Salesforce will allow you to generate the report.

Easy design! Easy output!


No limit of output document

There are no charges for outputting document by Report Engine 2, therefore, no matter how many pages or document you output, there will not be any additional or hidden charges. Hence this is suitable for internal documentation which often requires large quantity or simple document. Shortcoming by Visualforce is there are number of limitation on expressing document such as very minimum font type support, page break, etc. Should you need complex document, we recommend OPROARTS Connector for

No limitation on generation and outputting of document


Create input form effortlessly

Can create data input form easily which is support by Salesoforce. Since it is available with easy operation such as drag and drop, you can create without knowledge of Visualforce and Apex coding in short time. After creating form layout and data mapping, it can be saved immediately as Visualforce page in Salesforce.

Create input form effortlessly



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