Today, business communications around the companies are in the huge turning point.
Previous business communication was focused on information transmission using business document such as each chit, quotation, invoice, and control report. Nevertheless, this type of construction needs huge amount of time and cost, therefore it is a fact that to correspond to business change and speed were not easy.
However, currently,

・Output real time information as high standard report type such as graph on the spot
・Apply customized electric catalogue as a proposal material for customers

Nowadays, it is possible to correspond to various information transaction tools depending on business changes, and speed and accuracy of information transaction has improved dramatically. Whether you are in the office or outside, today, business communication is key point of successful business.

Background to make this achievement, there is web technology evolution – cloud system with ‘security’ as mortgage. Due to that, business document system usage has expanded its usage from internal office communication, used to external user – customer communication area.

It means business document including reporting has expanded it usage are and it is further expanding speedily as an important communication tool for companies internally and externally.

We are proud that we are in the status to provide best product and services suitable to cloud era since we have been developing our product under the concept of ‘make IT simple’ and with principle of ‘Less is More’ since we established our company.

Main feature of our products is ‘not only reports, but create various business documents without any programming’. Besides our core product – print PDF, in addition to Email/Faxing delivery, outsourcing delivery including Insert and Posting, customer can get required business document whenever necessary and make use of it is essential we trust;

・Web client considering cloud and print from mobile device
・Print on the sport from convenience store
・Auto Insert and Posting from the system

A many variety delivery methods are provided.

We continue to develop and provide our products and services with high cost performance and appreciated by customer in future.

Kazunori Satomi

Brief History of Kazunori Satomi, President

1984 Graduated Kinki University
1984 Join Japan Digital Equipment Corporation.
(DEC Japan, Current Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd)
1993 Left Japan Digital Equipment Corporation
1993 Founded Satomi Planning Office Ltd
1997 Established SPO
(Current OPRO Co., Ltd, President)


What we have been value, and what would not change in future

make IT simple

It is an IT figure that OPRO target.
Establishments always strengthen corporate governance and proceed to ‘transparency’ of business. Further, consider environment, global, and M & A, strengthening IT to have flexibility to adjust to any changes including business model.
In order to achieve these, make IT simple and correspond to various changes immediately. Today, ‘make IT simple’ is needed. OPRO has been and will provide software and services to achieve ‘make IT simple’.


Less is More

It is a guideline which OPRO target for product and service.
A phrase by Mr. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, 3rd Director of Bauhaus.
“By removing unnecessary matter, it becomes better”. With this thought, we are strengthening development of high performance produce and service that meet with customer’s needs.


Modesty, Sincerity, Progressiveness

This is OPRO’s Management Philosophy.
Always think customer first, listen to customer’s voice, and apply to our services (Modesty)
Provide customer high quality and high price performance products. (Sincerity)
Adopt trend of technology and functions (Progressiveness)

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