OPRO X Server

OPRO X Server is ...

"OPRO X Server" is a high-performance report generation engines. You can instantly create a large number of documents.

  • Globalization
  • Attractive pricing
  • Easy takeover



OPRO X Server is developed in Unicode, thus naturally, OPRO X Server is multilingual. Support service both in Japanese and English are available, which provide user further strength to broaden business globally.
*English interface of OPRO X Designer available


Attractive pricing

Amazingly inexpensive application! Just compare with your current system or any other you know of. You will find out OPRO X Server has all the function yet so competitive pricing! From single session license to virtual technical license, flexible pricing structure also gives users to freedom to select suitable one. OPRO X Browser is available with no extra charges.


Easy takeover

Change over from the correct system is so simple. Making to 64 bit by the stare of strengthening the system is well taken care. Designing of document layout is provided with a minimal fee.



Low Price !!

OPRO X Server can propose the best charge according to customer's business environment. Based on a price list, so I will quote that suits your company representative, please contact us.

Minimam Price

License Edition Price Content
SC License ALL-in-One Edition
$1,980 *It is a license from which a simultaneous connected number was limited to one session.
*It is a license for one CPU socket and one instance.
*When CPU is added, "Additional CPU license" is necessary.
Instance License OPRO X Server Professional Edition $98,000 *The number of CPU sockets is unrelated, and is license up to five instances.
*When the instance is added, "Additional instance license" is necessary.
CPU License OPRO X Server Standard Edition $18,000 *It is a license for one CPU socket and one instance.
*When CPU is added, "Additional CPU license" is necessary.
*Four virtual CPU is considered to be one physical CPU for the virtual environment.
OPRO X Server Professional Edition $36,000


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