OPRO DB Bridge is the solution to integrate ERP which manages the report data and report template seamlessly. Retrieving the data from ERP, data mapping with report template and also the order to output the report are provided. Therefore there is no need of middle application to do those as it used to be. Prepare View for report output and using ‘data mapping function’ of DB Bridge, it maps data stored in View and report template.

DB Bridge operation supports the latest browser interface, there are no difficult data mapping or setting but just by drag & drop operation. Complex setting is not necessary and you can map without programing knowledge.

From the completed mapping information, by DB Bridge’s ‘Report output function’, you can output the report. When outputting report, retrieve data that you wish to get by search function. Further, you can send report by Email and Fax. Depending on your requirement, generated report can be delivered from different method.

 In order to use OPRO DB Bridge, you will need the report generation engine (OPROARTS or OPRO X Server). You can request the report engine OPROARTS trial from My ARTS. For details, please refer to My ARTS tutorial.


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